SSD Drive Upgrade Information

SSD Upgrades performed by JBCS so far: 247
Very happy customers after the upgrade: 247 (All of them!)

A new technology has found its way to the PC consumer market that will make a dramatic improvement on the performance of your current computer.  SSD stands for “Solid State Drive” which is essentially a hard drive with no moving parts.  SSD’s operate like the “Flash Drives” that we are all familiar with but they are much faster and can be used to replace the slower hard drive that is currently installed in your computer.  I have done testing and found that most PCs will boot up and open applications 2-3 times faster after replacing the original hard drive with a solid state drive.  This upgrade is available for both desktop and laptop computers.

If you are interested in learning more about a cost effective way to dramatically enhance your computer’s performance, please watch the following videos I created describing this technology.  (NOTE: The last video on this page is quite old but it does a great job explaining SSD technology and it shows a real-world example of the hard drive cloning process.)




If you have any questions about this new technology or if you would like to have us install one of these new and blazingly fast SSD drives in your desktop or laptop PC, please contact my office at (407) 478-5800.